Canon EOS 100D White and Linda Bag

Wow is the word that sprung to mind when we first saw the eye-catching camera bag! With the Linda being named after Stella’s late mother, we love how it stays true to both their values with the vibrant leather alternative and metallic highlights to combine style and morality. It can also double as an everyday handbag which we are sure would be a great statement piece for any outfit – well almost. 

The colour and size of the Canon EOS 100D aren’t the only features we have noticed that makes this camera unique to others. The easy grip, large touch screen and built-in feature guide would be ideal for DSLR beginners and those wanting to take their photography to the next level. Remember, practicality doesn't have to lack in style!

As this is a limited edition package, just 1000 pieces have been produced so only the few will be able to take advantage of this exclusive for themselves. Could you be one of them?


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