Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

When it comes to choosing which headphones to buy, we all want a pair that will suit our lifestyle and it's no surprise that wireless noise-cancelling headphones have become more desirable. The combination of reduced background noise and wireless sound makes the listener's audio experience that much closer to perfection - which is exactly what Bowers & Wilkins have done with the PX.

As a payday treat last month I decided to grab a pair for myself and for my first Bowers & Wilkins product I can already see where they got their high-end quality reputation from.

It was the design of these headphones that first caught my eye. Unlike their signature black leather and silver look they normally go for, the PX is available in two stunning stand-out designsSpace Grey and Soft Gold. Personally my favourite is the latter (which is the one I got) as the navy fabric and gold frame shows off that luxury style that bit better. 

In terms of build, these chunky-yet-classy headphones are pretty impressive to say the least! The earcups sit comfortably whilst adding a seal to your surroundings and the soft leather underneath the headband build on the support needed when wear for long periods. You're also able to twist the earcups around to allow the headphones to be flat for better portability when travelling. Don't forget the quilted carry pouch!

Now onto its most unique feature: the built-in wear sensors. These are designed to respond to your movements by pausing and playing your music without you having to press a button. Simply twist an earcup away from your ear or place your headphones on your neck and all the work is done for you, and when you're ready to listen again just put them back on! Trying this feature for the first time was quite a surreal feeling but I felt as if the headphones was pausing at my slightest movement; luckily I found out there is a solution for this! 


You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensors via the Bowers & Wilkins PX app (available for Apple and Android phones) which means you set them to work for you no matter what! Not just that but the app also allows you to turn on and change the noise-cancelling filters to match your environment: Office, City and Flight! Speaking of noise-cancelling, the PXs do an amazing job of blocking out external noises so you can enjoy the most out of your audio experience, and in my case make my daily commute that little bit better! 


Whether you're an audiophile looking for a pair of stylish, smart headphones to add to your collection or someone in need of wireless headphones with great sound, then you've met your match with the PX! 

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