Boosted Board Dual+ Electric Longboard - The ultimate way to travel

Since the launch of the 1st Gen Boosted board, the American company Boosted had mainly taken the city of New York by storm.  With the design of an electric skateboard, now capable of 20mph and a battery range of 6 miles on the V2, came a fast and of course, extremely fun way for people to travel through the City!  Dodging traffic and beating the Subway from A to B without even needing to pedal just brought a super easy and stylish way to commute!  The idea was swiftly picked up by commuters all over, along with the well known YouTube Personality and Entrepeneur Casey Neistat (Who pretty much solely uses Boosted Boards to get around the City.)

Now despite Boosted's own website offering over sea shipping for their boards, this came with a hefty charge of around £250 more for shipping and taxes!  It is not until now at Tekzone, we are proud to announce the arrival of the Boosted Board Dual+ as the first UK stockist!  You can now purchase Boosted Boards directly from us, have your board delivered from the UK within two days and pay no extra Import charges on top of their (Admittedly fairly high) price tag!  Mind you, having tested a demo board ourselves, they're worth every penny!

The Boosted Board 2nd Gen 'Dual' and 'Dual+' are the current models for sale, Dual+ being the Board we stock.

2nd Gen Comparisons:

  • Dual max speed = 20mph                    Dual+ max speed = 22mph
  • Dual hill climb gradient = 20%              Dual+ hill climb gradient = 25%
  • Dual Power output = 1,500 Watts         Dual+ Power output = 2,000 Watts

Learning to Ride:

Not used to riding skateboards? Doesn't matter, Boosted Boards offer a progressive learning curve with the use of their Bluetooth remotes, there are 4 settings for the board, each with it's own acceleration rate, top speed and maximum range from a full charge:

  • Beginner - Limited acceleration, top speed limit of 11 mph, can't climb hills 
  • Eco - Moderate acceleration, top speed of 16 mph, can climb small hills 
  • Expert - Be careful! High acceleration, top speed of 20 mph, and can climb to 20% grade hills.
  • Pro - Be careful! Maximum acceleration, top speed of 22 mph, and can climb to 25% grade hills. 



Battery life and charging:

As for the battery, both 2nd Gen boards are now equiped with a water resistant and removable standard battery, capable of 7 miles fully charged (on eco mode).  Wait, a removable battery? Yes! Boosted will be releasing an 'extended' battery pack capable of 12 miles on a full charge, which will be available to buy in the near future, and install yourselves on the Gen 2 Boards!  You may also be thinking... with such powerful batteries, surely the boards take a long time to charge? Well no, the standard 6 mile battery takes approximately just over an hour to charge.  With the new extended battery promissing around an hour and 45 minutes to fully charge, ready for another 12 miles!  So you can commute to work or meet up with friends, plug your board into the nearest mains and youll be topped back up in no time!

The V2 Boards also have a new 'Regenerative Braking' belt drive meaning when you're riding and use the Bluetooth remote to slow down, from the speed your going down to around walking pace, the board actually uses the resistance to put slight amounts of power back into the Battery, awesome!  However it is said that from around walking pace to a stand still, using the remote to slow the board down can actually use unnecesary power and will not regenerate.  So try using your feet to slow down from there!


These are truely the ultimate toy and an amazing eco-friendly electric alternate to cycling/driving shorter distances!  We can safely say here at Tekzone, their price is fully justified in build quality, Company reputation, design, convenience  and most importantly fun factor!  Grab yours now at Tekzone, you wont regret it!

If you haven't already, check out our Boosted Board Testing video where the Tekzone Web team took a demo board to a local Air field and more!  And subscribe to our Channel for more awesome content to come in the future!



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