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Parrot Mambo Mini Drone

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One drone, two accessories to test your skills! The Parrot Mambo minidrone is full of... more
Product information "Parrot Mambo Mini Drone"

One drone, two accessories to test your skills!

The Parrot Mambo minidrone is full of surprises! Whether you equip it with the Cannon or the Grabber, it will turn the sky into a surprising playground of adventure. Speed or skill races, acrobatic challenges or tricks... take on any aerial combat. Super robust and easy to handle, it will measure up to all your challenges.

Become a Real Elite Marksman

Right now, alone or with a team, go off on a combat mission. Attach the Cannon to the Parrot Mambo and let the game begin. Target your opponents' drones or try games of skill, such as firing on a pyramid of beakers and bringing down light-weight targets. You can load up to 6 ball bearings. As they are harmless, give it your all and adjust your sights to win the match!

Play at Being a Transporter

Would you like to do something out of the ordinary and surprise everyone? Attach the Grabber to the Parrot Mambo and now, use your imagination as anything is possible... The grabber can pick up objects (up to 4g), carry them up into the air and put them down wherever you want.

Take Advantage of a Simple and Effective Control System

Thanks to an advanced flight controller and high performance sensors, the Parrot Mambo is easy to control; so easy, that even if you drop the controls, it remains stable! The auto-pilot takes over. There is even more: activate the "cut-out system" and the motors will cut out if there is a crash. The only limit is your imagination!

It's Time for Perilous Flights and Aerobatics

Reverse, rotation, flips in both directions and even magic take-off from your hand: with your smartphone you are at the controls to enjoy thrills and take on all challenges. Nothing will stop you, brush by obstacles, slalom between posts or be the fastest on a circuit, it's up to you to choose!

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