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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Snow Elite Edition

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  Take off with the AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition from Parrot and enjoy a unique flying... more
Product information "Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Snow Elite Edition"


Take off with the AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition from Parrot and enjoy a unique flying experience! This quadricopter is controlled intuitively using a smartphone or tablet. View the Earth from above, in high definition, and share your experience with other AR Drone pilots all around the world. For safety guidelines and further information please visit

Record and share in HD
As you fly, the HD video is recorded and sent directly to your device. With one click, upload your video from the user-friendly interface seamlessly to YouTube or share your pictures on Picasa. With the new piloting application, everything is simple and done wirelessly in an instant. For pilots looking to shoot longer videos, a USB slot has been added to allow you to connect a USB key to increase your recording storage.

Download AR.FreeFlight 2.0, the free control application, on the App Store or Google Play and you are ready to fly! By tilting your device, you control the direction of your AR.Drone 2.0, and by releasing it, the AR.Drone 2.0 is instantly stabilized.

Pilot like a pro
Thanks to the autopilot feature on the AR.Drone 2.0, anyone can be an expert as the embedded sensors allow for easy take-off and landing. The new AR.Drone 2.0 also features the exclusive and patented Absolute Control piloting mode for beginners that can be adjusted with your growing expertise.

Explore more
With the new AR.Drone 2.0-generated Wi-Fi N Connection, you can fly as far as 165 feet away. The AR.Drone 2.0 pressure sensors on-board provide unique stability that will automatically correct and maintain a still position in the air, regardless of altitude and wind up to 15 m/h.

This flip move is exclusive to AR.Drone 2.0! Become a daring pilot and perform barrel rolls by simply hitting a button.

Join a community of pilots
Thanks to the AR.Drone Academy, you can keep track of your flight data, location, photos and videos and share them with a community of pilots from all over the world. Check who is flying in your neighbourhood or watch videos from pilots on the other side of the globe.ure.


    • Always keep your drone in sight; this means you can see and avoid other things while flying.


    • Stay below 400ft (120m) to comply with the dronecode 400ft (120m) - this reduces the likelihood of a conflict with manned aircraft.


    • Keep the right distance from people and property: 150ft (50m)


    • Keep the right distance from crowds and built up areas: 500ft (150m) and don’t overfly.


    • Stay well away from aircraft, airports and airfields. If your drone endangers the safety of an aircraft, it is a criminal offence and you could go to prison for five years.


    *(The UK Dronecode is published by the Civil Aviation Authority to assist drone users in flying safely.)
    Product Specifications


      • HD Camera: 720p 30fps
      • Wide angle lens : 92° diagonal
      • Store flight footage directly onto a remote device via Wi-Fi or directly to a USB key via the onboard port
      • H264 encoding base profile
      • Low latency streaming
      • JPEG photo capture


      • Foam to isolate the inertial center from the engines' vibrations
      • Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) hulls
      • Carbon fibre tubes : Total weight 380g with outdoor hull, 420g with indoor hull
      • High grade 30% fibre charged nylon plastic parts
      • Liquid Repellent Nano-Coating on ultrasound sensors
      • Fully reparable: All parts and instructions for repairing available on Parrot Website
      • Colour: Snow


      • 3 elements 1.000 mA/H LiPo rechargeable battery
      • Specific high propelled drag for great maneuverability
      • 8 MIPS AVR CPU per motor controller
      • 4 brushless inrunner motors, 14.5 watt and 28 500 rpm when hovering
      • Self-lubricating bronze bearings
      • Tempered steel propeller shafts
      • Low noise Nylatron gears for 8.625 propeller reductor
      • Micro ball bearing
      • Rare earth magnets
      • Emergency stop controlled by software
      • Fully reprogrammable motor controller
      • Water resistant motor's electronic controller


    • 1GHz 32 bit ARM Cortex A8 processor with 800MHz video DSP TMS320DMC64x
    • 1Gbit DDR2 RAM at 200MHz
    • Wi-Fi™ b/g/n
    • 3 axis accelerometer +/- 50mg precision
    • 3 axis gyroscope 2000°/second precision
    • Pressure sensor +/- 10 Pa precision (80 cm / 2.6 feet at sea level)
    • 60 fps vertical QVGA camera for ground speed measurement
    • 3 axis magnetometer 6° precision
    • Ultrasound sensors for ground altitude measurement
    • Linux 2.6.32
    • USB 2.0 high speed
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