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Geosmartpro Smart Air Fryer


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  • 8 Cooking Presents
  • Powerful 1800w
  • App control
  • Shake reminder
Geosmartpro Smart Air Fryer Cooking healthy and delicious meals has never been easier with the... more
Product information "Geosmartpro Smart Air Fryer"

Geosmartpro Smart Air Fryer

Cooking healthy and delicious meals has never been easier with the GeoSmartPro Smart Air Fryer. This kitchen appliance allows you to indulge in your favourite foods without guilt, as it reduces the calorie content of fried snacks. It is an excellent addition to any health-conscious kitchen, with its efficient cooking functions and eight pre-set programs that enable you to cook a variety of dishes, including steak, fish, drumsticks, bacon, chips, and even baked cakes and more. The sleek design of this air fryer takes up less space on your kitchen countertop, while its extra-large 8L capacity allows you to cook larger batches of food.

The Pro Air-tech system provides high-speed air circulation, making your food crispy with up to 80% less fat and evenly cooked every time. The non-stick and non-Teflon frying basket ensures hassle-free cleaning and is dishwasher-safe. Additionally, the 8L extra-large basket features two tiers, enabling you to cook separate portions.

Controlling the GeoSmartPro Air Fryer is easy with the GeoSmartPro App, which helps you manage your cooking time and notifies you when your meal is ready or needs a shake. You can access free recipes to help with your daily meal planning. Upgrade your cooking experience today and embrace a healthier and more efficient way of preparing your favourite meals with the GeoSmartPro Air fryer.

Features & Benefits

• 8L capacity and 1800W power is perfect for families and allow you to cook larger portions.
• Control your air fryer and receive notifications and reminders to shake for even cooking and when your food is ready via the GeoSmartPro app on your mobile. Works with Google Assistant.
• Get free in-app recipes for over 50+ meals to make your everyday meal planning easier.
• Non-Teflon baskets and accessories are dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning.
• The two-tier basket provides you the option of cooking different portions at the same time.
• With the Clear-View Window feature, you can easily keep an eye on your meal's progress without having to open the drawer. The light inside the basket allows you to keep an eye on the meal without needing to open the drawer, saving you more time and energy.

Product Specifications

• Large 8L Capacity
• 8 Cooking Presets
• Powerful 1800W
• Shake Reminder
• Easy View basket
• Non-Stick Interior
• Space-saving Compact footprint
• App and voice-controlled with Google Assistant
• Dimensions: H:30.5 x W:40.0 x D:30.0 cm
• Colour: Black
• Temperature 40 to 200 degrees
• Rapid air circulation cooking technology for crispy foods
• Guarantee: 2 Years

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