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Faulty Product - Warranty Claims

We're very sorry that you are experiencing a problem with your purchase, and we understand how frustrating that can be. To help you get back up and running as soon as possible, please can you follow the easy self-check steps below (where relevant).

  • Is the product plugged into a switched-on mains socket?
  • Does the product work if plugged into another mains socket?
  • Is the fuse in the plug ok?
  • Do the batteries need replacing?
  • Is the product connected to the required external source (i.e. TV aerial, connected to your WiFi etc)
  • It's an old cliche, but have you tried turning the product off and on again?
  • For headphones, do they work on another audio unit?
  • Is the fault listed in the manufacturer's Instruction Manual for the product and have you followed their recommendations?
  • Have you downloaded the latest software for the product? Given the nature of many modern products, they need regular updates of their Operating System (OS) as manufacturer's seek improve the use or security of their product. 


If you have tried the above with no success, then either fill out the below form or email us at sales@tekzone.co.uk giving details of the fault.

One of our Customer Helpdesk team (they work Mon - Fri, 10:00 - 16:30) will contact you as soon as possible to help you resolve the problem.

If your product is no longer covered by warranty, we will be happy to advise you of your nearest service agent or the manufacturer's details so you can arrange your own remedy.  

Faulty Product
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