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Aston Martin Zygote Wireless Audio System in Onyx Black


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Engineered to perfection The creation of the stunning Aston Martin Zygote, by... more
Product information "Aston Martin Zygote Wireless Audio System in Onyx Black"

Engineered to perfection

The creation of the stunning Aston Martin Zygote, by Norwegian-based home audio experts, Audiomoda, celebrates the iconic Aston Martin brand. Exceptional appearance and performance demonstrate the shared companies brand philosophy and vision, united through their common passion for timeless beauty, elegance and technical excellence. Dedicated to creating prestige sound systems combining stunning sound quality with sculptural design, the creation of Aston Martin Zygote is challenging our perceptions of audio design and form.

Scandinavian nature and organic forms have been a great source of inspiration when designing the Aston Martin Zygote, as well as taking inspiration from the Aston Martin designs. We have used only the finest materials and latest technology to ensure that the Aston Martin Zygote provides uncompromised sound performance.

The solid body is lacquered in the Aston Martin colour & trim, Morning Frost White, Madagascar Orange and Onyx Black. The smooth surface is contrasting against rich audio materials. This combination creates a stunning piece that also provides a great acoustic sound experience. Combining technology with sculptural shapes delivers an unparalleled and extremely powerful sound performance, giving the listener the possibility to feel the music.

Reinventing sound through new technologies

The Zygote is outstanding in its capabilities. It features cutting-edge Class D Amplifiers with more than 240 Watts of pure power and superior sound performance. It is equipped with built-in, new to the market, DSP platform as well as with high-end digital-to-analogue (DAC) and ADDA converters. The cutting-edge DSP-technology that makes up the Zygote’s technical platform, offers exceptionally powerful speaker compensation, including speaker response EQ, time alignment and dynamic processing. This ensures superior sound compared to an uncompensated passive speaker, regardless of the original speaker quality. The Zygote comes equipped with both analogue and digital input connectors, allowing the system to play from more than one source. In conjunction with a complete audio networking system, including software controlling wireless music sources, the Zygote uses Apple Airplay, DLNA and Wi-Fi direct for other applications, giving the Zygote a technical platform fully compatible with most modern signal sources. The Zygote is also equipped with a software limiter to prevent hardware and speaker damages.


The Aston Martin Zygote is a perfect example of system integration with multi connectivity. Connect your Apple and Android products wirelessly with Apple Airplay, DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct. Download our control App for even easier set up and to remote control your Zygote. The Zygote hardware is designed around the Audiomoda Digital platform and allows the user to benefit through integrated USB, RCA and Coax input connectors. The Zygote is compatible with most modern analogue or digital signal sources.

By tearing down the obstacles often associated with setting up home audio systems, Audiomoda audio equipment reduces the cable clutter to a single power cord. The entire process of getting started entails two easy steps; Plug your Audiomoda home entertainment system into a wall outlet, connect to Wi-Fi and you are all set to fill your home with your favourite tunes within minutes.

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