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Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch Game


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  • Over 60 Real-Life Exercises
  • Customisable Full-Body Workouts
  • Ability to Check EST. Pulse Rate
  • Ring-Con & Leg-Strap Accessories Included
Ring Fit Adventure is a new type of adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch, which uses unique... more
Product information "Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch Game"

Ring Fit Adventure is a new type of adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch, which uses unique accessories that detect and measure the player’s real-world movements and turn them into in-game actions. The unique new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories enable players to explore and battle in the game world using the power of real-world exercise.

  • Explore a huge fantasy world and defeat enemies using over 40 real-life exercise
  • Jog, Sprint, and high knee through over 100 levels in more than 20 worlds
  • Run through a variety of fields without battling enemies in the new jogging mode
  • Gather ingredients to craft in-game smoothies for temporary stat boosts
  • Earn in-game currency and unlock stat-boosting gear
  • Precisely control in-game movements with the new Ring-Con and Leg-Strap accessories
  • Play a long-form adventure or shorter minigames suitable for most skill levels and schedules
  • Play the new rhythm game mode and move your body to the beat
  • Check your estimated pulse rate with the built-in IR Motion Camera
  • Create custom, full-body workouts to help break a quick sweat and fit your lifestyle
  • Take the Ring-Con accessory for a spin while the game is turned off and keep building experience for your character
  • Choose between a male or female voice for your companion, Ring
  • Set your language preference under Settings at any time

The game box includes Ring Fit Adventure game, plus the Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories. Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Cons sold separately.

Product Type: Game
Genres: Health and Fitness
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age rating: 7+
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