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Resident Evil Village for PS5


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  • Genre: Survival Horror
  • Age rating: 18+
  • Single player game
Resident Evil Village for PS5 The latest chapter in the ever expanding story. Continuing ... more
Product information "Resident Evil Village for PS5"

Resident Evil Village for PS5

The latest chapter in the ever expanding story. Continuing  after the events of Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village for Playstation 5 is the most intense in the line of survival horror games. Explore the terrifying yet beautiful vistas in 4K with Ray Tracing and instantly pick up where you last left off (or ran off)  with almost no load times, thnks to the power of the PS5 consoles's ultra-high speed SSD. 

First-person action

Players will assume the role of Ethan Winters and experience every up-close battle and terrifying pursuit through a first-person perspective. 

Familiar faces and new foes

Chris Redfield has typically been a hero in the Resident Evil series, but his appearance in Resident Evil Village seemingly shrouds him in sinister motives. A host of new adversaries inhabiting the enigmatic village will relentlessly hunt Ethan and hinder his every move as he attempts to make sense of the new nightmare he finds himself in.

A living, breathing village

More than just a mysterious backdrop for the horrifying events that unfold in the game, the village is a character in its own right with mysteries for Ethan to uncover and terrors to escape from.


Product Type: Game
Genres: Horror
Platform: PlayStation 5
Age rating: 18+
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