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AudioQuest Rocket 22 3m Pair - Full Range Speaker Cable

AudioQuest Rocket 22 3m Pair - Full Range Speaker Cable
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  • 3m length
  • Solid Conductors
  • High-Purity Metal
  • Noise-Dissipation
AudioQuest Rocket 22 3m Pair - Full Range Speaker Cable Rocket 22 offers an enhanced auditory... more
Product information "AudioQuest Rocket 22 3m Pair - Full Range Speaker Cable"

AudioQuest Rocket 22 3m Pair - Full Range Speaker Cable

Rocket 22 offers an enhanced auditory experience compared to Rocket 11 and is an excellent choice for Full-Range or Single-BiWire cable setups. Single-BiWire configuration allows for optimized performance when speakers have separate Bass and Treble inputs.

BiWiring helps reduce distortion in the cable by separating the powerful Bass energy from the delicate Treble, much like removing waves from the water to swim freely (representing the Treble). The independent magnetic properties of the two halves of Rocket 22 maximize the benefits of BiWiring.

Semi-Solid Concentric conductors present a superior alternative to standard stranded conductors. They employ fewer, larger strands that remain fixed in position throughout the cable's length, reducing distortion, enhancing resolution and dynamics, and minimizing harshness and interference caused by strand interaction.

The Rocket 22 utilizes Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) and Long-Grain Copper (LGC). LGC has fewer impurities, oxides, and grain boundaries than typical OFHC copper. LGC is employed in the central area of the Semi-Solid Concentric Conductor bundle, while PSC, with its exceptionally smooth surface, is used for the outer layer of conductors. This strategic combination of PSC and LGC allows Rocket 22 to approach the performance of costlier PSC cables while benefiting from the economic advantage of superb LGC.

The Double Low-Inductance Geometry of Rocket 22 distinguishes it from ordinary speaker cables that tend to have higher inductance, causing energy smearing and a dull, unfocused sound. With two conductors per half, Rocket 22 achieves lower inductance, resulting in greater clarity and superior bass-to-treble frequency extension.

Rocket 22 comes equipped with SureGrip 300 spades or bananas, featuring Direct-Silver over copper connectors without a layer of nickel in between.



Rocket 22 uses a carefully finessed blend of Long-Grain Copper (LGC) and high-purity Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC). LGC has fewer impurities and fewer internal grain junctions than standard OFHC copper, while the even smoother, purer surface of PSC further eliminates harshness and improves clarity. All AudioQuest conductors are direction-controlled for optimum noise dissipation.


Semi-Solid Concentric conductors are a far-superior performance alternative to typical stranded conductors. Semi-Solid Concentric conductors use fewer, larger strands that do not change position down the length of the cable. The strands maintain their fixed, rigid relationships, reducing distortion, improving resolution and dynamics, and greatly minimizing harshness and confusion due to strand interaction.


Use Rocket 11/22 as a full-range cable, with red (+) and black (-) conductors grouped together, or, when the speakers provide separate bass and treble inputs, further optimize system performance by biwiring.


A typical speaker cable with parallel conductors has fairly high inductance, smearing energy across time, which results in sound that is dull and unfocused. In Rocket 11/22, the two conductors in each half of the cable are twisted around one another, providing lower inductance, greater clarity, and superior bass-to-treble frequency extension


  • Model Number: ROCK22B3.0FRBS

  • Length: 3 Metres

  • Application Options: Full-Range, Single-BiWire, REL and Optimised for Naim

  • Metal: Semi-Solid Concentric PSC and LGC

  • Gauge: 3.31mm²

  • Geometry: Double Spiral-Pair

  • Dielectric: PVC

  • Jacket: Black PVC with Blue Stripes

  • Plugs: SureGrip 300 (Silver or Gold) Choice of Multi-Spade or Banana

Colour: Black
Connectivity: Wired
Product Type: Audio Accessory , Audio Cable, Cable
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